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What makes the versatile singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso Jamie Cullum tick? Find out on this wide-ranging collection of tracks hand-picked by Cullum exclusively for the “Influences” series. Kicking off with his early inspirations – bands like The Wedding Present and Ben Folds Five, as well as piano legend Elton John (note Jamie’s intimate version of “Your Song”) – the compilation follows his immersion in hip-hop (Q-Tip, Quasimoto), which led him to explore jazz. Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans and Tony Bennett and contemporary great Kurt Elling are among the jazz trailblazers saluted. With some top-flight R&B (Donny Hathaway) and even ’60s folk-rock (Donovan) rounding out the set, this “Influences” anthology offers a rare road map to an artist’s creative journey. “This CD feels like a fantasy résumé,” says Cullum, “or a mix tape I would make for a great friend or a really, really hot girl.”



1. "It's a Gas" - The Wedding Present
2. "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" - Ben Folds Five
3. "Nature Boy" - Kurt Elling
4. "Jazz Cats Pt. 1" - Quasimoto
5. "Young and Foolish" - Tony Bennett & Bill Evans
6. "Get Thy Bearings" - Donovan
7. "Demented Drums" - Tres Demented
8. "Jealous Guy" - Donnie Hathaway
9. "Your Song" - Jamie Cullum
10. "Dolphin Dance" - Herbie Hancock
11. "Let's Ride" - Q-Tip
12. "Imprevisto" - Bossa Tres