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In this moving anthology, the musically gifted sons and daughters of music's biggest names put a unique and intimate spin on familiar material made famous by their legendary fathers, connecting great songs between two generations. The artists have drawn on the rich classic legacies of their fathers, choosing to perform songs that have a particular personal meaning for each of them. You will gain unique insight into the music and the people who created it as Jen Chapin, Ben Taylor, Carnie and Wendy Wilson, Chynna Phillips, Louise Goffin, A.J. Croce and other talented offspring dig deep to deliver A SONG FOR MY FATHER.

The gifted children of some of music's most legendary artists pay emotional tribute to their fathers on this unique compilation.

Among those featured: Jen Chapin (daughter of Harry Chapin singing the classic "Cat's In the Cradle"); chart-rocking twins Nelson (who salute their dad, roots-pop icon Ricky Nelson); Carnie and Wendy Wilson (daughters of Brian Wilson and two-thirds of the multi-platinum group Wilson Phillips); fellow Wilson Phillips member Chynna Phillips (daughter of Mamas and the Papas founder Papa John Phillips); Spencer Gibb (son of the Bee Gees' Robin); A.J. Croce (son of Jim); Louise Goffin (daughter of influential songwriting team Carole King and Gerry Goffin); Sarah Lee Guthrie (scion of '60s folk-rocker Arlo); Salvador Santana (son of Carlos); Devon Allman (son of Gregg); Adam Cohen (son of Leonard); and Ky-Mani Marley (son of Bob).

"This was a timeless choice for me," says Goffin, who performs her parents' classic "Up on the Roof." "Now, more than ever, it's a great message." Adds Phillips: "I used to sing along to 'Got a Feeling' when I was a kid – I used to put on little shows."

"Our father passed away in 1986; we were best friends," notes Matthew Nelson. "We grew up with his music."

A SONG FOR MY FATHER is a powerful testament to the ties that bind – and proof that sometimes musical genius runs in the family.


1. "Evil Ways" - Salvador Santana, son of Carlos Santana
2. "Travelin' Man" - Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, sons of Ricky Nelson
3. "Lover's Cross" - A. J. Croce, son of Jim Croce
4. "Cat's in the Cradle" - Jen Chapin, daughter of Harry Chapin
5. "Midnight Rider" - Devon Allman's Honeytribe, son of Gregg Allman
6. "Up on the Roof" - Lousie Goffin, daughter of Gerry Goffin and Carole King
7. "Bartender's Blues" - Ben Taylor, son of James Taylor
8. "Soul Shake Down Party" - Ky-mani Marley, son of Bob Marley
9. "Bird on a Wire" - Adam Cohen, son of Leonard Cohen
10. "Yellow Moon" - Ivan Neville, son of Aaron Neville
11. "Warmth of the Sun" - Carnie & Wendy Wilson, daughters of Brian Wilson
12. "Got a Feeling" - Chynna Phillips, daughter of John Phillips
13. "Run to Me" - Spencer Gibb & 54 Seconds, son of Robin Gibb
14. "Coming In to Los Angeles" - Sarah Lee Guthrie, daughter of Arlo Guthrie